The Sorrow of Missing Devcon2… and an Announcement

Last night at the Silicon Valley Ethereum Meetup a number of people made plans to catch up next week in Shanghai. They asked me if I was going and I let them know I couldn’t make it.

Turning down an opportunity to attend Devcon2 in 2016 is like balking at getting a ride to Woodstock in 1969 or passing on a blind date with Beyoncé before she was famous.

Ethereum’s nickname should be “Holy Shit” because that’s what goes through your mind when you grasp what it is capable of. It is the first innovation I’ve experienced as a Drop Everything technology. Just leave your half eaten bagel and steaming cup of coffee on the table, run to the nearest group of Ethereum zealots and ask for an assignment.

Next week, they will all be in Shanghai while I’m having a nice little week with my projects and family duties. Maybe a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond. We’ll see.

But I have answered the call in another way. After twenty years of running public affairs and communications programs for AT&T, Safeway, Walmart and other large corporations I’ve unplugged from the Matrix and formed a new outfit, Zealot Communications with a lady I call my wife, the hyper savvy Eileen Stanley Conway.

We will be helping Web 3.0 projects tell their stories in a way that even a civilian can understand. My mission is to drive mainstream interest and usage of cryptocurrency in general and Ether in particular. To that end, I’ll also be continuing to build out my blog, Citizen Crypto, which offers color commentary on this wild space and tracks some of the more interesting storylines.

The only fly in the ointment as of this writing is that I won’t be at Devcon2. Someone has to walk the dog so she doesn’t pee on the carpet, etc. There isn’t a DAPP for that yet, my wife has reminded me.

Devcon3? Count me in.