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Citizen Finance DAO

In order to allow the community to participate in the development, distribution, marketing and entire governance process of the Citizen Finance ecosystem, the team has decided to enable a gas-less DAO process.

What is the Citizen Finance DAO?

The Citizen Finance DAO is a decentralized governing process which gives the community a level of control on the platform. All members are able to create proposals that contribute to the future of the project.

Citizen Finance (CIFI) token will be used as a unit of voting power and will be required to create proposals. In order to make the process smooth, a user will be required to have a minimum of 300 CIFI before they can create a proposal. Every person that holds a minimum of 1 CIFI will be able to vote on any proposal as 1 CIFI is equivalent to 1 vote.

DAO Rules

For a proposal to be fully accepted and implemented, the votes must gather a minimum of 7% of the total $CIFI circulation, in votes, before it can be passed. A proposal that fails to garner up to 7% will be declined.

In the early stage of the Citizen Finance DAO process, the team will retain the right to accept or decline proposals until the full delegation DAO process is adopted and the project has reached a level of growth where we feel it will be comfortable to implement all passed proposals. While this resolution is temporary, we are sure of passing all proposals that are not harmful to the ecosystem in its early stage.


All interested members of the community are required to join the Citizen Finance Snapshot page in order to vote/make a proposal.

How to create a proposal

  • Go to snapshot page
  • Connect your wallet
  • Click “Create Proposal”
  • Fill in your proposal and choice
  • Set start date and end date
  • Finish

How to vote

  • Go to snapshot page
  • Connect your wallet
  • Select any active proposal
  • Pick your choice
  • Sign the transaction
  • Done

Note: Citizen Finance DAO utilizes the BSC version of CIFI only and it is totally free to vote (no gas fee).



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