Stop the War Coalition rallies and asks Cameron: “Don’t Bomb Syria.”

Credit to Zeyad Salem

Thousands of people protested against an eventual British engagement into Syria’s bombardment in front of 10 Downing Street on Saturday.

At noon, almost 5000 proteresters gathered together in a rally for asking the Premier Cameron not to support the coalition, including allies France and USA, that is carrying on bombardments in Syria for a year.

Protesters handed banners reading “Don’t bomb Syria” and “Don’t attack Syria.” They are all asking Cameron to rethink a new policy other than military for a long-lasting settlment in the Middle East. They argue that the Islamic State arose because of the military intervention in the last 15 years.

The protest, carried out in the main Britis cities, was led by the “Stop the War Coalition.” It is an organization founded in 2003 against the US and UK military escalation in the Middle East after 9/11 attacks. Many other groups rallied for a peaceful settlement in Syria with the organization, such as the Socialist Worker, the International Communist Union and the Green Party.

Daniel, a 39 years old volunteer for the Stop the War Coalition, says: “We have to ask: does a yet another military intervention help? Bombing will just worsen an already dramatic situation. That is our answer since the 9/11 attacks and it does not seem to me anything changed for the better.”

On the stage, many speakers took the floor, among them the musician and producer Brian Eno and The Guardian columnist Owen Jones.

They both suggest that the UK should firstly stop being allied with the ISIS’s supporters. “We think army is the solution. It is not,” says Brian Eno. “It is all what ISIS wants: they want to be the heroes and ask us to be the Crusaders and as bad as we can. And we will do. However, we must do a simple thing: following the money. Stop supporting who support it. Why do not we do that: because ISIS’s sponsors are Saudi Arabi and Turkey, our closest allies in the region.”

On the same opinion is Owen Jones, renowned for his peaceful approach when it comes to the Middle East. “It is the time,” he says, “we stand up against the Saudi dictatorship which is the epicenter of extremism and export it in the world. And it is the same with Turkey, a Nato ally which allows ISIS extremists to cross the border. This is the reality we have to face.”

For this reason, Jones concludes: “Every time we tell we have to intervene because if we do not it will be worse. But look at every single intervention. We cannot do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Bombing has always worsened the situation in Iraq, Syria and Lybia.”

The organization let know they will intensify the campagin against the war in Syria. As a matter of that they have planned a new public meeting in London, at the Red Lion Square, on 1 December entitled “After the Paris Attack: The Case against War.”

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