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Citizen Alert Notifies Indianapolis Woman About Fiancé’s Car Accident

After putting her baby to bed, she received a Citizen alert — only to realize her fiancé was involved.

Maria Rosales, her fiancé Arnold, and their baby

Maria Rosales had just put her baby down when she received a Citizen alert about a car accident a few miles away. She knew her fiancé, Arnold, would be on his way home from a friend’s house soon, and that he may hit some accident-related traffic. She sent him a text message so he could avoid it. When he didn’t respond, she tried calling. Still no response.

The Citizen alert Maria received

“That’s when I started to freak out a little, and decided to check his location. He was at the exact address of the accident,” Maria said. “I called his brother to see if he could drive over and make sure everything was OK, since I’d just put the baby to bed. He called back soon after to let me know that Arnold was the one who was in the accident, the car was totaled, and the police didn’t give him too many details. They said the driver was taken to hospital, they thought they might be ok, but didn’t say a whole lot.”

One woman, a nurse, heard the crash and went outside to help before first responders arrived. She is one of the people who was commenting on the Citizen app.

Comments left by nearby Citizen users

According to Maria, Citizen provided her with more details about what had happened than anything or anyone else — because people who had seen what happened were posting videos and leaving comments. Someone wrote that he had to be cut out of the car, and someone else said they saw the car before it crashed. All these things were helpful because otherwise she wouldn’t have known much. These details also helped reconstruct what had happened to Arnold, who forgot.

Arnold is now home and recovering.

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