Citizen x Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative (SNaPCo)

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2 min readNov 7, 2022


90% of people that use Citizen say the app makes them feel safer. It’s the reason so many marginalized and vulnerable communities look to Citizen as an essential tool to both avoid and respond to hate crimes. One of those groups is the Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative (SNaPCo), a Black trans and queer-led organization based in Atlanta.

This social justice collective builds safety, leadership, and political empowerment within the LGBTQ+ community of Atlanta.

“When we are thinking about safety we wanted to be in the practice of having safety without stigma and without shame,” says Toni-Michelle Williams, the Executive Director of SNAP Co. SNAP Co.

Trans folks, particularly Black transgender women, are at a heightened risk of violence. According to a recent study done by the Williams Institute at UCLA the trans community is:

  • 4X more likely to be victimized than cisgender people.
  • 2X the rates of property victimization than cisgender households.
  • Half as likely to report violent victimizations to police.

Citizen is committed to being a part of the solution by partnering with trans-led organizations by providing both an alternative and complement to calling 911 by providing free Citizen Premium accounts.

Citizen Premium provides 24/7 access to our team of highly trained agents who will immediately “tap in” via video or text when you need someone to watch your back. On request, Agents can monitor your location when you go on a first date or when you are out for a walk by yourself, letting your emergency contacts know if you don’t make it home.

Citizen Agents can also help you assess your surroundings using your camera if you feel unsafe, and they can even escalate to emergency services if you think it is necessary. For members of the trans community who may have hesitation around reporting a crime, our Agents will stay on the line, and on camera, with you throughout any police interaction.

By offering Citizen Premium into the SNAP Co. resource toolkit, we help bridge the gap in safety by providing support at the push of a button. We offer accountability by way of reporting interactions and sharing locations with trusted responders. As Toni-Michelle said:

“[SNAP Co.’s] partnership with Citizen allows us to shift the culture of safety with dignity and community power.”

Citizen is available for iOS and Android platforms. Learn more about the app here.




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