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Employee Spotlight: Sasha Rampersaud, Protect Operations Manager

Here at Citizen, we are inspired by our talented team every single day. As part of our ongoing series dedicated to the people behind the Citizen app, we’re pleased to put the spotlight on Sasha Rampersaud, who leads Protect Operations for the company.

Sasha is a powerhouse of drive and intelligence. A Citizen veteran of over 5 years, she now oversees the entire Citizen Protect Agent team. Sasha takes a hands-on approach to supporting how our Agents engage with subscribers. With every Protect call, we learn new ways we can help keep people and communities safe. Sasha applies these lessons to refine our Protect service and collaborates with our business and product teams to continuously improve how we work and what we can deliver.

Citizen Protect is our on-demand, personalized, mobile protection subscription that gives you 24/7 access to Citizen’s team of highly trained Protect Agents. Protect gives you access to safety experts who are equipped to help in a variety of stressful or uncertain situations when you need it most.

Rampersaud was born in Guyana and moved to New York when she was 4 years old. After finishing her undergraduate degree at Baruch College, she had planned to make a career in journalism, working in a fast-paced newsroom on breaking stories. This all changed when she interviewed at Citizen. Sasha says what drew her in was the company’s dedication to speed, accuracy, innovation and most of all its mission of keeping people safe. Five years later, Rampersaud is in her fifth role at Citizen and her passion for Citizen’s mission continues to grow.

For Sasha, “safety isn’t just about avoiding risks, it’s also about having all the right resources when you need it.” She, and the entire Citizen team are driven by the company’s continuous efforts to bring more safety tools for you on the go. When asked how she feels about Citizen Protect in the year since its launch, she shared with a smile “It’s already so rewarding to see how many ways we can help people in a time of need each and every day. I can’t wait to be part of how we will do even more in the years to come.”

To learn more about how you can support Citizen’s mission and join the team, see our latest job opportunities here.



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