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How Citizen Protect Helps Locate Missing Persons

Citizen Protect helps families report their missing loved ones on the platform. Protect Agents can create a public incident and notify thousands of users in the community to be on the lookout for a missing child or adult.

Before creating a public incident on Citizen, Protect Agents will work closely with law enforcement to verify an active missing persons case. This is imperative for the safety of the child or adult who is reported missing. Our team monitors real-time sources to fact-check information, and may follow up directly with first responders to confirm if a missing persons report was filed within the last 7 days.

After verifying a person was reported missing to police, our team will work with the family to gather more details about the missing person. Here’s some information we’ll collect:

  1. A copy of the police report, case number, or contact information regarding the missing person’s case
  2. The time and location the person was last seen
  3. The missing person’s full name and date of birth
  4. The missing person’s physical description and clothing they were wearing
  5. A recent photo of the missing person

Protect agents will include all relevant details about a missing person in a public incident on the Citizen app. Our team will also follow up with the families within 48 hours to check-in and update the incident with any new information.

We hope this helps our subscribers and the community understand how Citizen Protect can serve you and your loved ones in a time of need.

If you’re interested in trying Citizen Protect, you can start a 30-day free trial here.



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