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Magic Moment: Citizen Network Brings Missing Teenager Home

Citizen’s Protect Agents often find themselves serving multiple roles for our subscribers. As a digital guardian, as a source of information or as someone to turn to when you’re unsure as to what to do in a particular situation.

Last week, a Citizen user used the Citizen Go Live feature to ask their community for help. They were searching for their 13-year-old child who had been missing for days. When seeing this video, Protect Agent Kelly proactively reached out to the user for more details. The user was distraught in regards to their missing child, and Agent Kelly took her time to listen and help.

After verifying the missing person report with the authorities, our Protect Agent alerted over 5,000 nearby users within the Citizen network to help find the missing teen. Within a few hours, friends of the child viewed the incident on Citizen and shared that they had been staying at a friend’s house. Several people contacted the missing child’s parent with information on the teen’s whereabouts and safety. The user reached out to Agent Kelly again, this time stating if they didn’t have the Citizen app, they didn’t think their child would have been found so quickly.

We’re grateful for another positive resolution and for Agent Kelly’s proactiveness. Thank you to the Citizen community for being connected on our platform helping find this child in less than one day.

If you’re interested in trying Citizen Protect, you can start a 30-day free trial here.




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