Mission Moment: Protect Helps Cashier During Disturbance

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2 min readMay 6, 2022


Citizen’s Protect Agents regularly serve as a resource to watch your back but they are also often called on as a second pair of eyes in stressful situations. One recent instance of this use came up when a subscriber who works as a cashier found themselves in a volatile situation at work.

The subscriber called Protect while they were in the midst of a disturbance inside the store. Using the video feature, they showed the Protect Agent items being thrown all across the ground, and a woman pacing and arguing with a group of people outside the store. The subscriber stated they weren’t sure what was happening, but it was clear that the escalating tension was rapidly creating an unsafe situation.

The Protect Agent discreetly looped in 911 and described the events unfolding. He was able to give the 911 operator descriptions of all persons involved, and details of how a fight that broke out inside the store had moved to the parking lot. The Protect user was concerned that the altercation may have been a ruse to rob the store and the Protect Agent served again as a second pair of eyes while monitoring the subscriber as they checked and then confirmed that no money had been stolen.

The Protect Agent who assisted this subscriber described the incident as “a very effective way to use Protect.” The agent stated, “The subscriber was under a lot of stress and unable to adequately assess what was going on. I was able to help the user make decisions in the background without the subscriber having to turn his attention from the immediate danger posed from the large group involved in the dispute. It brings me so much pleasure when we are able to help our users in situations like this.”

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