Protect Mission Moment in the Mojave Desert

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2 min readMar 7, 2022

Every day our team at Citizen is inspired by the important work our Protect Agents do to help our users stay safe at a moment’s notice. Since launching in August of last year, this 24/7 live support team serves over 100,000 subscribers and have intervened in thousands of safety crises and emergency interventions.

One recent stand out moment came thanks to the efforts of Christopher and Kelly, Protect Agents who both embody our mission in action. They were contacted by a Protect subscriber who was driving to Las Vegas when her vehicle ran out of gas. She found herself stranded in the middle of the Mojave Desert with her phone battery at 3%. The closest gas station was 17 miles away and she was having challenges finding roadside assistance.

Christopher and Kelly moved quickly, they contacted gas stations and reached out to local authorities. Thanks to their outreach the California Highway Patrol was able to step in and respond within 30 minutes, helping her secure gas for her vehicle.

In expressing her appreciation, the user said that Protect allowed her to receive the kind of help that is usually reserved for a select and lucky few and that no one would believe she was able to get help in the middle of the desert.

We’re thrilled about how Protect’s personalized and high level of service is having an impact everyday, thanks to the ingenuity and swift action taken by our Agents like Christopher and Kelly.

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