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Stolen Vehicles: How Citizen Premium Can Help

Did you know that Citizen Premium can help owners report their stolen vehicles on our national platform? By engaging with Citizen Premium, you and your agent can create a public incident and notify thousands of other Citizen users in your community to keep extra eyes out on the road.

Once you’ve filed a police report and have the proof on hand, press the Blue Shield to connect with an agent. Your agent will review your documentation, which can include a photo of the police report, or a case number and detective information.

If a police report has not been filed, an agent can connect you with the appropriate law enforcement resources.

After verifying that the vehicle was stolen in the past 7 days, our team will work with the owner to gather additional details.

Here are some examples of details our team will gather:

  1. The time and location the vehicle was last seen
  2. Description of the vehicle including make and model
  3. A photo of the vehicle and license plate number

Citizen Agents will include all relevant details about a stolen vehicle in a public incident on the Citizen app, including uploading photos provided by the owner. Owners are encouraged to reach out after 24–48 hours to update agents on any new information.

We hope this helps our subscribers and the community understand how Citizen Premium can serve you in this type of situation.

If you’re interested in trying Citizen Premium, you can start a free trial here.



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