Dan Tapia

After enlisting at the age of 19, Dan Tapia reluctantly left the US Navy due to severe physical injuries. Although he’s been diagnosed as a quadriplegic, Dan has worked vigorously for many years as a cicerone, barman, bar manager, busser, barback, bouncer and grunt of every kind. When a high-end Beverly Hills restaurant where he had landed a sommelier position refused to accommodate his disability, Dan decided to establish his own restaurant in Long Beach, CA. Fourth and Olive opened in November of 2016 to rave reviews, and is now set to serve as a springboard for other veteran-operated food and beverage ventures throughout the nation.

Dan Tapia guest-bartending at The Sky Room holiday cocktail competition.
FOX 11 captures the glory of Fourth and Olive.

Jeff Spencer

Jeff Spencer’s motto is cave putorium. Enough said.

Lisa Lowell

Lisa Lowell is a veteran rock musician from the Jersey shore. From a working musical family, she earned most of her sheckles from singing backgrounds for Bruce Springsteen, David Johansen (New York Dolls) Garland Jeffries and a whole mess of other folks.

Lisa says she honed her writing chops from years of trying to be a poetic medium, crafting lyrics for her self-penned tunes. She spent most of her time as an “art mole” In New York City’s underground and has not owned a working television since 1975.

Her political coming out occurred during New York’s Occupy Movement in 2011 after being incensed by seeing a peacenik activist maced by a police captain, which she happenchance saw online. She boiled pasta, donning a Harvard tee shirt (it worked for Obama)and a Gabby Hayes hat served food to the residents camping out in Zuchotti Park. With considerable astonishment she realized there was a deficit of real news, a series of media reporting distortions. She took it upon herself to begin to blog as “Operation Al Dente” a light-hearted thread she started on Facebook hoping to expose more about the chiaroscuro of events there. She currently resides in Jersey City, with her ginger-tabby old man cat “Leonard.”

Geza X

Geza X Gedeon is a veteran record producer with 40 years of experience documenting folk artists and pop culture. He was one of the first (antd only) professionals to capture the Punk Rock explosion in 1977, creating seminal recordings of bands such as Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Screamers, Weirdos, Germs, Redd Kross, and over 100 other noteworthy underground bands. He had a double-platinum commercial hit with Meredith Brooks’ feminist anthem “Bitch”, which was RIAA-certified #1 on Billboard’s Pop charts for 4 weeks. He has studied social psychology, business, photography, television and film. His passion is documenting the art and philosophy of “outsider” social groups.

Geza has written about pop culture and recording for SPIN and LA WEEKLY, and spoken at many conferences and universities. He taught UCLA’s flagship recording class “Advanced Record Production.” He has been featured in innumerable interviews and several history textbooks.

He is currently working on an archival 4-part documentary film series on the origins of California Punk Rock. Over 40 interviews have already been filmed and excerpted. His 501c3 nonprofit organization, HyperActivists™, has two active consultants with graduate degrees. His distributor, Reality Films, handles over 2000 titles and has sold over 100 million units to major venues such as Wal-Mart, Target, NetFlix.

Geza X in his studio.
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