Chocolate and Art Show

Chocolate and Art is a lively and fun gathering that showcases the talents of local artists, vendors, and musicians, complemented by artisan chocolatiers. Celebrating art’s range of expression and subject matter, all enthusiasts over the age of 21 are invited for a night or two of dancing, chocolate and cultural indulgence!

Chocolate and Art serves as a platform for emerging and established artists of many mediums to get to know their own art community, to network, to showcase their works and to profit from their creativity. Chocolate and Art proudly supports various charities. A portion of the proceeds from the show in Los Angeles on February 17–18 will benefit Artists for Trauma (aids in recovery through artistic expression and human connection), and upcoming shows will benefit HomeFront Rising (a cultural revival led by military veterans and their allies).

The goal is to build an underground network of artists and collectors. The network would lead to a permanent art gallery which showcases new artists each month, as well as Chocolate and Art’s own brand of chocolate.

The next show is March 10–11 in Atlanta. TICKETS/INFO.

There was a packed house despite a major storm. Who says Angelenos panic when it rains?
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