Cultural Psychosis

When partisans recklessly ignore dangers of modern weaponry

Perspective. If the Russian interference had been as effective as ours in the Egyptian elections under Obama, we would have cause for worry. Our NGOs were supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, the charter group for al-Qaeda, and Obama threatened the Egyptian military after they threw out the MB which was vigorously murdering Copts, and establishing brutal theocratic rule. This is what one calls active foreign state involvement in a nation’s domestic politics. There was also the little matter of the CIA messing with Australian elections which endeared us to them. When you look at this third-rate operation and compare it to the effect of Donald Segretti’s “ratfucking” on the 1972 primaries, you begin to realize how deep an investment the establishment has in conjuring a causeless war with Russia. Is the amour-propre of the Democrats mortified by being beaten by Trump worth a couple million dead and cities which are nothing but giant, smoldering bowls in the earth? How psychotic are these cretins? We went to war over a fabricated mining of the USS Maine, and a nonexistent attack in the Gulf of Tonkin, but our enemies did not have state-of-the-art 2018 weapons which can destroy the world. What is the matter with Democrats? This is cultural psychosis.