The Trump Reality Show

Americans get to see an actual White House meeting.

When I interviewed Mike Cernovich at Politicon in Pasadena last July, I suggested that recurring behind-the-scenes video segments of President Trump on the job “could be a very interesting reality show.” Cernovich agreed: “Unless it’s national security, make everything public. Everywhere you go, just have a guy with a Go Pro walking around streaming everything…people like me…only think about how do we get our message to the people and have the most impact. That’s the mindset shift they’re going to have to make to win.”

When Trump met with bipartisan lawmakers yesterday to discuss immigration policy, it appeared the mindset shift had occurred. Television cameras captured the nearly 60-minute powwow, and the public was treated to an intimate look at the “very stable genius” working his negotiating mojo:

Here’s the portion of my interview with Cernovich that addresses the notion of Team Trump creating its own content:

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