Trumpkrieg Blitzes the Sacred Bovines

Trump is a bastard. The times call for a bastard.

Trump read the political landscape of 2015 like a general reads terrain, and he saw the weaknesses of all the lumbering, overweight, overfed, over-complacent sacred cows in the field — and slaughtered them. It was a verbal blitzkrieg. They still don’t know what hit them. That’s his genius. It’s a new way of making political war, it’s a new way of governing. He doesn’t sit behind a desk and solemnly read a weekly statement, he rapid fires Tweets. The opposition cannot understand it. Trump is modern to the . . . T. Obama was a matron pretending to be cutting edge. Too stupid for Trumpkrieg, too dependent on speechwriters and polls. Same for that blimpentine arch sacred cow, HRC.

Trump is a bastard. The times call for a bastard. The Dems liked the placid, matronly Obama Device because, like HRC, he was orchestrated from dawn to dusk. He had his speeches written for him, he was incapable of speaking without a Teleprompter, his behavior was orchestrated, his ideas came from think tanks, foundations, and globalist entities — in other words, he was a robotic goon. He and HRC and most of congress are Sacred Cows. Trump massacred them, it was the biggest, most flamboyant Texas Barbecue in American history. May the herd be wiped out by the time Trump has finished his eight years.

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