U.S. Tour of Duty Aims for Cultural Revival and More

U.S. Tour of Duty is a series of concerts and conferences featuring performers and speakers of all political stripes who believe democracy is strengthened when strange bedfellows assemble for the greater good.

The focus is on national security, foreign policy, media, arts, social psychology, lifestyle, infrastructure, entrepreneurialism, veterans and justice. Marine veteran and former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter heads our roster of patriotic and inspiring Americans whose commitment to country transcends political divisions. Mr. Ritter, who served a two-year tour of duty in the Soviet Union and who specializes in Russian issues, recently wrote “the rift between the CIA and Donald Trump…may not be such a bad thing” given that Trump is “pushing a policy of reconciliation with Russia that the CIA neither supports, nor is equipped to effectively advise him on.” In addition to his impeccable credentials, Mr. Ritter is an electrifying public speaker who is world-renowned for insisting Iraq had no significant weapons of mass destruction when the Bush administration claimed otherwise. Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh stated: “The most important thing to know about Scott Ritter is that he was right.” Mr. Ritter’s eighth book, Deal of the Century: How Iran Blocked the West’s Road to War, will be published in June of 2017.

After enlisting at the age of 19, Dan Tapia reluctantly left the US Navy due to severe physical injuries. Although he’s been diagnosed as a quadriplegic, Mr. Tapia has worked vigorously for many years as a cicerone, barman, bar manager, busser, barback, bouncer and grunt of every kind. When a high-end Beverly Hills restaurant where he had landed a sommelier position refused to accommodate his disability, Mr. Tapia decided to establish his own restaurant in Long Beach, CA. Fourth and Olive opened in November of 2016 to rave reviews, and is now set to serve as a springboard for other veteran-operated food and beverage ventures throughout the nation. Mr. Tapia is extremely articulate, and his riveting human interest story about how he overcame adversity captivates all audiences, especially entrepreneurial military veterans and their business partners.

Dan Tapia, owner of Fourth and Olive, at Cielo (friendly Long Beach “competitor”) for holiday cocktail event.
Fox 11 Los Angeles visits Fourth and Olive, December 13, 2016

Musician-chef-caregiver Carolyne Mas runs a solar-powered ranchette at an elevation of 4365 feet in the beautiful unincorporated Arizona town of Pearce. A 3-bedroom house stands in the center of a very private 38-acre parcel with farm fencing, a chicken coop and an irrigated garden. The property also includes a generator, well and 1000-gallon water storage tank. Ms. Mas is currently pursuing a degree in Integrative Health, and is overseeing our emerging veterans community dubbed Operation Mas. She is also recruiting other musicians who have a passion for sustainable agriculture, culinary arts and healing, to help establish similar projects nationwide. When she speaks to groups, Ms. Mas describes in vivid and personal terms how performing artists are well-suited to provide valuable services for and with veterans. At some events, she performs and/or cooks for attendees!

Carolyne Mas, site operator, Pearce, AZ

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