Whose Neighborhood Is It?

The anti-gentrification fight in Boyle Heights heats up.

The inhabitants of Boyle Heights, a mostly-Latino neighborhood just minutes from downtown Los Angeles, have for years been fiercely resisting what many residents of the area perceive as unseemly encroachment by real estate developers, restaurateurs and art gallery owners. Last Thursday night, after pro-Trump social media posts published by its owner were discovered and circulated, protesters descended upon Asher Caffe & Lounge, a new kosher restaurant located on the western edge of Boyle Heights, not far from the much trendier Arts District. Defend Boyle Heights, a coalition of local activists, broadcast the demonstration live on its Facebook page for about two hours.

Neighborhood resident Geza X shared his thoughts about the culture clash on yesterday’s podcast. Here are highlights from our discussion followed by the full episode.

Highlights from July 15 podcast. Running time: 8:46
Full episode of July 15 podcast broadcast live on Facebook
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