Starlight Express Podcast Skates the Fast-Track To 100 Shows!

Starlight Express Podcast has hit the fast-track and is skating along a quick path to popularity and heartfelt emotions. Each guest pours their heart out about the challenges of life.

Colin Wood
Sep 21 · 5 min read

Starlight Express Podcast, on, has taken off on the fast-track so quickly that Peter Simon Liciaga must feel like he has thrown his skates back on and bared the grunt of his first rehearsal days all over again. It’s popularity, and the emotions being expressed by former and present cast members and directors is astounding, educational and heartfelt.

Who is Peter Liciaga?

This guy! This beast! This martial arts expert/teacher and acting, singing, dancing, and skating extraordinaire has done what so many other Starlight Alumni do and has made a good name for himself, feeding off his experiences in 7 years with the show, in different areas of the world. In a very short span of time, Peter has managed to fit 40 Starlight Express Alumni into his extremely tight schedule and turned an idea he imagined up in a gym into a work of art for both ex-Starlighters and fans of the show to enjoy.

Peter has discovered what so many of us are talking about in our interviews, and that is the power of change, inspiration, overcoming challenges and loving everyone. Peter Liciaga has a beautiful family with his wife and two children, and now spends his time teaching and encouraging others and this new Starlight Express Podcast has turned out to be an excellent way to succeed at such a mighty endeavor.

Rusty’s story rings true in everyone’s life

Andrew Lloyd Webber got together with Arlene Phillips once upon a time in order to roll forth with a small idea he had to create a fun show about ‘The Little Train That Could’. Lloyd, together with Phillips conjured up the idea of putting that story on roller skates and creating music, lyrics, and choreography for it.

Rusty is a train that feels like an outcast, is pushed aside for the better trains, and always seems to battle his way to keeping up with the other trains in order to prove that he’s just as good as them, if not better.

However, like so many of us, and especially in the entertainment industry for righteous reasons of our own, he suffers from low self-esteem and some type of inherent ability to convince himself he’s not good enough.

Does that sound familiar to you? It was certainly my life-story, and as Peter mentioned in my podcast, understanding my vocal abilities, and the perfect size for the costume at the time, it was probably the story of my life and struggles buried in my soul that poured out when I sang for them.

If you’ve watched the first four podcasts released, you will recognize a common thread throughout each episode. It is the victory of defeating your devils, beating the odds, and achieving success with self-love, self-retrospection, and growth in strength and courage.

It has certainly sounded like we have all experienced it at times in our lives, and is common among humans, making the story of Rusty and the Starlight Express still popular 32 years later, in Bochum, Germany.

Guests shine with affection for Starlight Express memories

As of today, we have all been treated to four outstanding thirty-minute interviews with four legends of Starlight Express. Steven Skeels (original Bochum and Las Vegas Rusty), Reva Rice (Original Pearl on Broadway, in Germany and Las Vegas), Lothair Eaton (two-time/multi-year Papa in Bochum, Germany), and the incredible and indelible Michael Fraley (famous skate-coach of the show).

All four guests have either spoken of their own failures and success and Rusty-related story in obtaining the roles they have played, or the role they helped coach for over 3 decades, and life’s ups and downs. Each episode has been filled with inspiring, beautifully incredible stories and leaves us in stitches and tears. You can’t help but get caught up in the emotion of the interviews and your own memories as they flood back with every word spoken.

Each, and every cast member, director, personnel and fan, have their own stories to tell. Starlight Express has left an ever-lasting mark on the hearts and memories of tens of thousands of people around the world, and it is no surprise it still captures full audiences in Germany after so many years, and in this modern-day and age, would almost definitely fair well with an American comeback on Broadway, and/or tour.

Be sure to catch the podcasts you’ve missed thus far and don’t forget to check out the upcoming shows Peter has already gracefully recorded for us. He is looking forward to his next 60 interviews in hopes to grab his Starlight Express of 100 interviews with some of the world’s most incredibly talented and beautiful individuals, the theater has ever known.

Article Written By: Colin B Wood (aka Colin Bruce Munro Wood )

Starlight Express Alumni and Freelancer on PPH, Author, Blogger, SEO Specialist, able to write about finances, science, entertainment, travel. Small graphic designs. Write for Travelista, Shoutvox, Anglo Content, and Medium. Computer literate, Web and Blog Development, Professional Entertainer and Voiceovers. Visit his website:

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Citizen’s Freedom

Stories about freedom, righteousness, justice, living, advocacy and hope.

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