The Day New York Stood Still

Colin Wood
Sep 11 · 2 min read

A Poem of Remembrance

Photo by Jesse Mills on Unsplash

Whoa, to the memory of distant screams

Of bodies falling seamlessly

A nation slipping under siege

Long stood towers of impunity

12, they say, had changed our hearts

Desperate for somewhere to start

Tearing down a nation’s part

We marched across oceans apart


Now live peacefully, in Heaven

Did our nation’s military

Respond to hate overbearingly?

18 years, and not a one

Has tried to end so many souls

A nation mourned profusely

And swore we’d never live, so loosely

Muslim men, some hated

Yet, the Taliban we’ve dated

Making deals and pushing peace

Are we in the Devil’s reach?

It’s not religion that we face

But, sordid men in a broken place

Years of war, years of hate

built-up, until it was too late

We did our part

Building it from the start

Who’s really to blame

For these childish war games?

Is it us, is it them?

Maybe, all of us should live again.

Forget the hate, release the past

It is the only way we’ll last

One world, one race

Humans can be a disgrace.

But, if we listen and never hate

We’ll never live an ending-date

So, use this memory to heal your wounds

Kiss your family and count your moons

For life is short, and time moves fast

Let’s stop putting our love last!

Citizen’s Freedom

Stories about freedom, righteousness, justice, living, advocacy and hope.

Colin Wood

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Contributor at Fansided-Yanks Go Yard, Founder of Citizen’s Freedom-Medium Publication, Freelancer on Peopleperhour, Fiverr, Content Writer at Anglo Content

Citizen’s Freedom

Stories about freedom, righteousness, justice, living, advocacy and hope.

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