President Trump’s New Immigration Proposal — 1-Minute Breakdown

Inside the new Trump-Kushner Legal Immigration Bill

Secret Stacy
May 16 · 2 min read

This morning, President Trump announced his new legal immigration plan, largely written by his son-in-law and senior advisor, Jared Kushner. The new policy is based on a point system weighted to give priority to people who are younger, (22–35) have higher education, speak fluent English, have earned an “extraordinary achievement,” (Olympian, Nobel Prize winner) or are investing large amounts ($1.35–1.8 million dollars or more) of money into the US economy.

The legislation provides for a physical increase in border security and would greatly decrease the number of legal immigrants allowed into the US each year. Each person applying would have to qualify on their own merit.

The President’s new immigration plan also discourages applicants who would require government benefits while living in the United States, and it would restrict immigration based on family ties.

The President believes this will help protect the jobs and wages of low-income American workers, lower the number of people on government assistance, and stimulate the economy.

Nancy Pelosi, an opponent of the legislation called the bill “bad” in her weekly press conference but refrained from giving a reason why she wasn’t in support.

Pelosi also said she would give the President the benefit of the doubt on DACA, which is not included in the current proposal. ❖

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