Women’s March Accuses Tulsi Gabbard — a Woman of Color — of Not Pandering to Women of Color

Background Photo by Timothy Fadek.

No, that isn’t an Onion headline. During a Wednesday panel at the “She The People Presidential Forum,” the internet was ablaze with more attacks on Democratic Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard.

The Women’s March sent out a tweet during Tulsi’s panel, saying “.@TulsiGabbard didn’t mention “women of color” once while answering a question about why women of color should vote for her…” while seemingly failing to realize that she is a woman of color herself.

Of course, the Women’s March praised Establishment Kamala Harris — a former prosecutor who made a career out of locking up people of color — for her comments on “Russia” at the event.

The internet had harsh words for the Women’s March, who quickly had their tweet “ratioed,” that is, more people sent replies than liked or retweeted the original tweet. Here are a few of the incredible responses:

So-called “progressive” organizations — like the Women’s March — seem to be coming from those who have either bought into the now debunked “Russian Collusion” hoax, or are part of the Neera Tanden wing of the party that have been hurling insults, smears, and right-wing, pro-war talking points Tulsi’s way since the day she began her campaign.

The narrative of The Women’s March has been replicated across the mainstream media, with news organizations outright ignoring her existence as a major candidate, while propping up others like Kirsten Gillibrand, Julían Castro, Jay Inslee, Eric Swalwell, and others who have yet to reach 65,000 donors (the threshold to participate in the June Democratic debates).

Some have pointed out that the establishment hasn’t highlighted the fact that Tulsi is the youngest woman and person of color running for President, simply because they disagree with her policies.

For now, it seems that those in the Democratic party — who seem to love white guys with few policy positions — are buying it.

As of the time of posting, CitizenSource had reached out to The Women’s March about their original tweet. They have yet to comment.

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