Citrisys Provides MAGENTO ACCELERATOR Store at lowest cost.

E-commerce is a big business and getting much bigger everyday. Emerging E-commerce software and platform makers are offering wide choices and varied experiences leaving their buyers with a big decision to make.

Among the best Magento managed service providers, Citrisys Solutions is one of them, who have proactively designed and dedicated Magento packages for their clients, who would like to set up their online store in a short turn around time and with a minimum budget.

Citrisys Solutions offers Magento Quick2Commerce accelerator store with most of the Magento OOTB modules at a minimal cost of US $499. The Quick2Commerce framework has been carefully designed to offer a quick online store within 20 working days. The website will be set and live to help the sellers to fetch the return from the investment and helping them to perceive their customers and market trend before they initiate decision to increment their online store with more integration modules or extensions

If you are one of them, who is looking for an instantaneous and efficacious eCommerce solution, then your solution is just a click away. Click on the below links to look through some of the sample Quick2Commerce accelerator stores, which has been designed to serve the business needs of clients from various business sectors.

Golf Store (Demo) developed under Quick2Commerce


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