Health ‘an Hygiene

Physical Health, Fitness and Cleanliness

Diet and Lifestyle

Man’s quest for a Luxurious Lifestyle of Self Indulgence is the cause of most of his Health Problems.

Reduce Salt, Chili, Sugar and Fat in your Food.

Don’t seek comfort in your Couch, move outdoors using your own feet. Create or craft something with your bare hands.

The Activity should be natural and serve some useful purpose, a hobby that uses less Fuel or Electricity. Remember fitness is for both the Brain and Brawn.

The Garage Sale

Get rid of that excess stuff, give it away free to those who need it.Even a Garage Sale for a quick clearance of old and broken things.

Keeping too many things at home will just bring more microbes, fungus and pests into the house.

Keep only what you need. That includes the things you load into the Fridge.

Storing too many clothes, food or books in a foolish manner can become a serious health hazard.

Ensure house insides are pest proof and dry. Water seepage, unhygienic surroundings, rotting or decaying organics. will make your home a Holiday Resort for Pests and Microbes.

Keep Clothing free of moths and fungus by storing in a Dry and Dust free location.

Fishes, Frogs, Butterflies, Bees, Dragonflies and Lizards are friends of Humans. Learn to Adore and Protect them. You live healthy because of these and many such creatures.
 Butterflies and Bees ensure pollination, these give you grain, fruits and vegetables. Ants, worms and beetles form instant bio-degradation armies along with microbes to recycle organic waste.
 If we are clean and hygienic in our lifestyle and surroundings, then many problems disappear. When we call them pests, pointing with one finger, the other fingers point only to us.

Health Postulates

01 Become a Vegetarian to save your Kidney, Heart and Liver.

02 Let Candy Dissolve in Mouth, Chewing Hard Candy chips Teeth.

03 Sugary Foods and not brushing Teeth causes Tooth Decay, Cavities.

04 Chocolates get stuck between teeth and accelerate tooth decay.

05 Over Nutrition with Sugars & Fats cause Heart & Eye Ailments.

06 Excessive Alcohol Consumption is a Danger to Liver and Kidney.

07 Over Nutrition with Meat Foods is a cause of Health Problems.

08 Reading Books with Fonts smaller than 12 Px causes Eye Strain.

09 Eye Strain, Bad Lighting and Under Nutrition cause Eye Problems.

10 Eat More Fruits, Vegetables, Greens, Grains, Nuts and Pulses.

11 Singing, Dancing, Hobbies, Crafts and even Worship is Exercise.

12 Stagnant and Dirty water Breeds Mosquitoes that cause Diseases.