3,000 Equito Finance NFTs Up For Grabs in Testnet Now

Jennifer Keene
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2 min readAug 2, 2022


Equito Finance is a Decentralized Exchange with cross-chain support on the Algorand blockchain ecosystem.

They need your help testing some new changes to their exchange and bridge and are offering up 3,000 NFTs to testers. The best part?

Your Equito NFT is more than just a pretty face.

Equito NFTs are based on the super cool characters from their Equito Protocol Comic. This is an ongoing story with futuristic images, bold colors, and daring escapes, unfolding week after week.

When someone possesses an NFT, they will automatically be eligible to receive Equito Finance’s EQI governance token which is set to release late this year.

  • Each holder will receive EQI at launch.
  • The more rare the NFT, the more EQI you receive.
  • Buy more from Equito’s collection posted on the ALGOxNFT marketplace.
  • Sell your NFT at any time.

Here’s how the rewards break down:

Tier 1: First 3,000 Testnet Users

The first 3,000 users who connect their wallets and then complete the whitelist form will receive a common NFT and all rewards associated with NFT ownership mentioned above.

Tier 2: Three Top Level Testers

The top level tester in each of these three categories will be granted a rare NFT and $150 worth of USDC:

  • The tester who bridges the most liquidity
  • The tester who adds the most liquidity to the liquidity pool
  • The tester who swaps the most assets

Tier 3: Winner Takes the Rarest of Them All

The single tester who has the best average score over all three categories above wins the rarest NFT and $550 of USDC.

What are you waiting for? Read the comic, get on testnet, earn your NFT, and be part of the social innovation and technological solutions Equito Finance is known for.

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