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5 Reasons Everyone Should Get Excited About Algorand

Can cryptocurrency change your life? Algorand has already had a huge impact on mine.

I first got involved with cryptocurrency just three short months ago. Since then, being part of the Algorand community has helped me make new friends, learn new things, and push myself in ways I otherwise never would have. I even had the opportunity to be part of launching a new ASA (Algorand Standard Asset), the $NURD token. Everyone should get excited about Algorand.

And I have 5 specific reasons why:

  • Reason #1: $ALGOS are still very affordable, less than $1USD at the time of this post, making it easier for newbies and timid investors to get involved.
  • Reason #2: The Algorand ecosystem is growing exponentially. There are hundreds of companies developing applications on Algorand, and the number continues to grow.
  • Reason #3: The Algorand community, or #algofam, is still relatively small and friendly, making it less scary to dive in.
  • Reason #4: Algorand is the world’s first carbon-negative blockchain. Compared to the Bitcoin blockchain, digital asset creation and transactions on Algorand result in 120 million times less CO2 emissions.
  • Reason #5: For Earth Day 2022, Algorand darkened Times Square for an hour as a way to encouraging people to unplug, celebrate the Earth, and commit to building a greener future. That’s just cool.

If you are ready to start your crypto journey with Algorand, let me know — I’d love to connect with you! (and answer any questions you have getting started)



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Jennifer Keene

Jennifer Keene

I write short fun pieces that people actually have time to read. Topics Include: Algorand, Crypto, Travel, Fiction. I am a childfree, vegan, digital nomad.