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After Being on the Brink of Extinction on Terra, NFT Project Poppin Puffins to Rise from the Ashes on Algorand

In case you missed it, the collapse of the Terra blockchain was kind of a big deal, causing an estimated $42 billion in losses for $UST and $LUNA holders.

The meltdown also created so-called NFT refugees, projects built on that blockchain, now left without a home for their art or communities.

“There’s never been anything like what happened last week. A top tier coin going to zero in a few days and liquidating the dreams and hopes of thousands of regular people…It felt like a dream, a metaverse nuclear war.” — LilAuk of Poppin Puffins in a recent interview with KryptoNurd

The Algorand ecosystem and the #AlgoFam are historically very friendly towards bird themed projects will undoubtedly help the Puffins embrace their inner phoenix.

  • #1: Poppin Puffins shares Algorand’s commitment to the environment and conservation.
  • #2: Working with Rand Gallery to make whole anyone who follows them to Algorand, giving them the same Puffins they held before, by matching up wallets.
  • #3: Expect new and special traits for the Algorand community, including a symbolic phoenix version, signature elements for the new collection, and maybe even a Nurd themed Puffin.
  • #4: Interest in staking utility and other use cases and collaborations.
  • #5: Puffins are NOT penguins, and are in fact cooler than penguins, being both from Iceland and able to fly.

Give @PoppinPuffins a follow on Twitter and watch for other great projects migrating to Algorand.

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