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AlgOcean is Making a Splash With Ocean Conservation On Algorand

With a groovy wave logo and a commitment to protecting oceans and marine life, AlgOcean is bringing the beach to the blockchain.

Here’s how:

Exclusive Oceanaut NFT series.

A portion of the proceeds for each sale are donated directly to Ocean Conservation Partners, such as Marine Megafauna Foundation, The Sea Turtle Conservancy, Coral Reef Alliance, SEE Turtles, Oceanic Society, Oceanic Preservation Society.

Virtual Fish Game

This unique Discord-based game allows users to “catch virtual fish and save real fish in the ocean while earning crypto.” Participants earn NFTs and AlgOcean (AO) tokens. 30% of AO total supply is reserved for Ocean Conservation Partners.

Algorand Community Engagement

AlgOcean has an active community participating in education and awareness about ocean conservation though collaborations with world wide experts and direct donations.

Navigating the AlgOcean and Getting My First Fish

The instructions to play the game were clear and detailed, but due to my inexperience with Discord, this felt a bit more like a homework assignment than a game at first. AlgOcean provides an easy to understand list of game commands, but I was afraid to put them in the wrong place.

Then something magical happened:

As I was muddling through and unsure if I had send my funds or received my tickets, I received a direct message from AlgOcean Founder James, offering to help. Talk about a welcoming community and great customer service!

Here are the basic steps to play the game:

  • First, opt in to the AO asset through your wallet and know your Discord ID. The game instructions mention using /uid to find your ID, and it turns out that you can put that into any channel because you are the only one who can see it.
  • Buy tickets by sending Algo or AO to the game address wallet, making sure to put your Discord ID in the note. You can check how may tickets you have by typing /tickets and hitting enter in any channel.
  • You also need to set up a way to receive rewards by setting your payout address. I struggled with this one. Again, the instructions will be obvious if you’ve used Discord bot commands, but if you’ve never done it before, it can be confusing. Start typing /set-payout-address and a list of options should pop up. Click on the correct one and then a little box that says address with a blinking cursor will pop up. Paste your receiving wallet address in there and hit enter.
  • Finally, you actually get to play! Type /catch and hit enter in any of the “fishing” channels. As a West Coast girl, I naturally started with the Pacific Ocean channel.

Success! I got a Manta Ray, which was pretty awesome because I actually got to swim with Manta Rays in the Pacific Ocean while visiting Kona, HI in January.

Each catch represents a portion of an NFT, so you have to catch 5 of any particular fish before you can transfer the NFT to your wallet. You can then trade or sell the NFTs or even just buy your favorite fishies from the gallery.

The Art and the Artist:

All of the game creatures are done in detailed pixel art by artist Jiro. I’m not usually a fan of pixelated art, but these are so well done. The subjects are beautiful and they are as realistic as possible. The Oceanaut NFTs are just gorgeous and stunning, but limited to only 104 total.

I started with 60 tickets and ended up with 28 common, 18 rare, and 8 epic, including 2 Mola Mola, so this seems like a pretty nice distribution.

I love the ocean and I love animals, including marine life. I believe that overfishing in real life has been extremely harmful to the oceans and our planet, so I very much appreciate this method of “fishing.” I’m still not totally comfortable with Discord or bot games or NFTs, but I had such a positive experience with AlgOcean that I would be much more likely to continue participating in the community and also to try other games.

AlgOcean also just added a farming pool on AlgoFund, so anyone who doesn’t spend all of their AO on adorable new aquatic friends (oops!) can take advantage of the AO/ALGO liquidity pool and earn a few more AO tokens.

You can read about more of my somewhat successful attempts to learn about all things crypto on Twitter or The Citrust Tea. If you found this essay to be worth even a fraction of a Banded Piglet Squid, please follow, clap, and comment!



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