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If you are the founder of an Algorand project or someone who is excited about the ecosystem and interested in eventually having a one-stop-shop to stay informed about the ever increasing number of projects, this is an exciting next step along the Citrust roadmap. Read on to learn more about who’s already signed up, how to onboard, and why Citrust is even needed, when Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit already exist.

Save Time When Time is Money

The Algorand ecosystem is growing exponentially. In December of 2020 Algorand tweeted that there were over 500 companies busy developing applications on Algorand, and that number has only increased since then. Unfortunately, as much as it feels like an “Algofam” there have been some heart-wrenching and high-profile scams and disappointments. With so much new information coming out all the time, the average sane person cannot read every Tweet, Reddit thread, Discord conversation or watch hours of YouTube videos.

“Having a place where the community can organize and quickly share information and resources is going to be key to comparing similar projects and for new founders to gain attention,” said Citrust Co-Founder, Monty Brennan, “We are all in this together.” Citrust is designed to be a place where you can get timely info about which projects are worth your time and money without spending hours or missing out on something important. You can — and should — still follow, watch, and read about all of your favorite projects on social media, but when it is time to quickly compare or get crucial information, Citrust is the place.

Check out just a few of the great projects who have already onboarded, and why:

Project founders and teams who are already busy with development, marketing, and — let’s face it — probably their day jobs, are taking the time to onboard with Citrust because they believe in the importance of more trust and transparency for the community. They are also looking for more exposure within the Algorand community and a new way to get feedback on their projects.

Curious about which projects you’ll see on Citrust?

Alchemon, a monster-collecting NFT staking, crafting, and trading card game.

“Citrust is going to be a great asset to the community. I love that all the important information is in one place where the community can investigate, come to their own decision, and vote.” — Alchemon Co-Founder, Clifford Cannon

Algogems, an open NFT marketplace that allows artists to mint and auction their NFT for free, and provides a trading platform for NFT collectors.

“Citrust is working diligently to increase trust across Algorand and its ecosystem. Making it easy to stay up to date with ASA & NFT Projects is a vital service in this fast paced Web3 environment. Algogems Governors and Users will benefit from the increased transparency provided by Citrust’s verification and reports.” — Algogems Community Manager, Wilder

Algoknitter, creator of friendly frog NFTs.

“#Algofam has been burned a few times because of a blind trust we’ve put in some empty promises from dishonest projects. We need a system to help verify the integrity of these unknown figures and prevent these damaging events from happening again.” — Algoknitter

How to Onboard Your Algorand Project

Project founders can go to the Citrust onboarding page, add their information, and submit. To get started, we are asking projects for relevant links to their website, white paper, and social media for the projects and the key founders. We also want to know what categories projects would place themselves in such as NFTs, GameFi, Charity, Launchpad, etc. There’s also a place for projects to share a description, more information, and what stage they are in from, “just starting out,” to “mature business active in the community today.”

What’s Next?

At this stage, we are looking to get the word out in the Algorand community so that as many projects as possible are pre-populated on the platform when we launch this service. You can help by sharing this article and the Projects Submission Form. In the future, Citrust users will be able to request listings for projects they don’t see so that those projects can claim their listings and add in the most up-to-date notes on their project.

About Citrust

Citrust is a hub for the Algorand community. It is home to crowdsourced project reviews, curated Algorand news content, new project release notes, and more. Citrust has a process to verify users and information, solving the issues of communication. This vetting process creates trust and transparency.

About KryptoNurd

Monty is an Algorand enthusiast with a strong background in sales, marketing, and finance. He is the driving force behind the KryptoNurd team and the lead point of contact for interviews and new content. $NURD tokens will be eligible to be exchanged for specialty NFTs, project swag, and eventually, the token will grant access to DAOs formed for a variety of purposes such as real estate, new project accelerators, and more.

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Citrust Tea

Citrust a hub for the Algorand community. It is home to crowdsourced project reviews, curated Algorand news content, new project release notes, and more.