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Citrust Plans to Be a Review Site for Algorand Projects that is Free to Users and Pays Staff a Living Wage

As a scrappy startup, funding — or the lack of it — is an unfortunate reality.

Just because a service or site is free to use, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t expenses, or that developers and other staff (like yours truly) don’t need to eventually make a living.

Let Me Count the Ways Citrust Isn’t Getting Paid

In addition to the list below, we also are not currently earning money by pet sitting, bake sales, or selling body parts (yet), but here are the more relevant ways that we are NOT making money:

  • Zero VC money so far and no grants. Algorand Foundation didn’t give an exact reason for declining, but it’s possible that they are already funding a similar project.
  • Not asking for donations. A “pay-what-you-can” model works great for some projects, but we’d rather be the ones tipping users for engagement.
  • No ads. Perhaps at some point, there could be a paid premium post option, but that is likely to be very limited.
  • Paid upgrades. Charging some users more to access all of the information just isn’t part of our plan.

Citrust Business to Business Revenue Model

In order to keep Citrust free and open to all users, the primary revenue source of Citrust is through affiliates and business partners on the back end.

This is also a benefit for new projects, and here’s why:

Citrust Resources will help connect new projects to the services they need to be successful, and then make a little bit through commissions and business to business affiliate programs. Examples of some of the service include: launchpad services, NFT artists, legal advice, marketing, DAO assistance, and more.

The Yelp of Algorand Where Users Earn NURD

You can think of Citrust as the Yelp of Algorand, with project information and reviews all in one place. There are already over 200 projects in the system so far. Users will earn NURD tokens as bounties for leaving reviews and other types of engagement.

The goal is to reach 10,000 users and enough revenue each month by the end of the year to provide an awesome free experience for the community and a living wage for Citrust developers and staff.

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