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It has been HOT all across the US and beyond and summer in only beginning in most places. Stay hydrated, stay safe, and stay cool!

Our own Monty Brennan was quoted in the Hurricane Valley Times for an article asking American entrepreneurs if they think crypto will replace traditional currency for online payments:

“It is inevitable that crypto payments will replace payments on websites. I predict that this will happen in two phases.”

Expect to see some fun collaborations between the team at Y7 Marketing and Citrust, KryptoNurd, AlgoFund, and more partnerships to come!


Find out why KryptoNurd is calling Mortality the Most Unique NFTs On The Algorand Blockchain. (4 Min)

The team had a blast getting together in Dallas and posing for some photos, but we definitely missed those who couldn’t be there. (5 Sec)

Metapoly joins KryptoNurd and Lauren for a chat about banking in the Metaverse. (28 Min)

Lauren Wixom is bring the blockchain to Bourbon Street on TikTok. (20 sec)

SolidBlock and KryptoNurd nerd out about real estate and the future of blockchain investing. (25 Min)

Articles, Essays, and Blogs

Pebbles talks about NFDs and why they have become such a big deal lately. (2 Min)

Need some crypto basics suitable for sharing with the crypto curious people in your life? Share our Crypto Curious articles with them. (2 Min)

Crypto Curious: Maximum supply. (2 Min)

Beers and NFTs Come Together in Perfect Harmony with DRINKITs. (2 Min)

Top Tweets

We were definitely feeling the FOMO from not being able to make it to Consensus this year, but our friends sent some photos from Texas Blockchain’s Blockfest event.

Why choose Algorand? Poll + more thoughts from the #AlgoFam in the comments.

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Meme of the Week from @AlgoCommunity

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