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Citrust Vignette: @WilderStubbs

Voted Most Welcoming, Most Likely to Communicate With Emojis, and Person Who You Want to Whip You Up a Delicious Meal

People know Wilder as the Chief Marketing Officer of Algogems, and an active Algorand Community Member, but he’s also Canadian, the oldest of 5 siblings, a former chef, and a great writer.

Wilder is recognizable by his bright blue eyes, big smile, and often an even bigger beard.

3 things about Wilder

  • He once fell off of a chairlift as a kid, which could explain a residual dislike of heights.
  • Having spent 3 years as a hydrovac operator in the northern Alberta oilfield might be part of why he dreams of retiring somewhere tropical.
  • It is no surprise that Wilder is a huge supporter of artists and musicians, attending concerts, purchasing merchandise, and imagining what it would be like to have diner with Kanye, Bo Burnham, Quentin Tarantino.

In his own words:

When asked to make a bold statement, share a favorite quote, catch phrase, or something he wanted people to know about, Wilder simply said, “Kaizen.”



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Jennifer Keene

Jennifer Keene


I write short fun pieces that people actually have time to read. Topics Include: Algorand, Crypto, Travel, Fiction. I am a childfree, vegan, digital nomad.