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NFDs Are Suddenly a BFD. What Are They, And Why Did I Just Buy 3?

I remember how excited I was to be able to purchase my own name as a web domain. I was certain that I would be famous someday and I didn’t want to have to buy it back for thousands of dollars from some creep. With that in mind, I am proud to announce:

  • All the cool kids are doing it.
  • I like trying new things and writing about them.
  • I bought 3 because I couldn’t decide and didn’t want to miss out!
  • An NFDomain is yet another way to participate and be an active member of the Algorand community.

To answer these questions, I got my info straight from the NFDomains FAQ Page:

  • NFD stands for Non-Fungible Domain. Or as @NFDomains puts it, “a unique, readable identity for your wallet.”
  • It’s not exactly a web address, but my new web3 NFD automatically gives me the ability to direct to any old school web2 URL I choose through my settings.
  • Yes, an NFD is a special type of NFT. Smart contracts mint their own ARC-19 NFT that acts as a dynamic representation of the NFD in your wallet.
  • Be aware that your NFDs can be used to look up your associated wallet addresses, and vice versa, so make sure you are only sharing what you are comfortable with.

Whether you are new to Algorand or an #algofam OG, this is a great time to claim your name, especially because verification and trust will continue to be important themes within cryptocurrency circles. This is just another way to be authentic with your identity.

NFDomains has emerged as the top choice for .algo domains, and they have great information at

If you like what I’m talking about, please read, clap, follow, share, and visit me on Twitter!



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