Version 1.0 of the Citrust Platform is Live! Let Me Give You a Tour

Jennifer Keene
Citrust Tea
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2 min readJun 27, 2022


The Citrust team has been working towards this moment since the idea was first sparked at the Decipher crypto conference event in Miami in November of 2021.

Citrust aims to bring an added layer of trust (Ci-TRUST, get it?) to the Algorand community with reliable information about projects on the blockchain. Future planned updates include user reviews, rewards for participation, a marketplace, and more.

Here’s what you’ll find on Citrust today:

Across the top of the page is Algorand data including

  • $ALGO Price
  • Market Cap
  • Block Speed
  • Transaction Cost
  • Transactions Per Second
  • Number of Accounts

Next, you’ll find a scrolling bar of relevant Algorand news.

Just click and drag to scroll or press the arrows on either side of the images.

Explore Projects

This is arguably the most exciting part of the platform! As of this writing, over 345 projects building on Algorand have submitted their information to be listed on Citrust. You can search by name or choose from a list of categories to narrow it down.

For newer projects, you’ll see just the info they provided, but for more established projects we’ve provided current price and transaction information via TinyMan and Algorand. You’ll also find contact information for each project via their websites and social channels.

If you don’t see your project listed, click the “Submit Project” button in the top righthand corner!


Learn more about the official partnerships that Citrust currently has with KryptoNurd, AlgoFund, and Y7 Marketing. This is a section that we intend to see grow, so please reach out if you have an idea for how we could work together.

About Us & Lightpaper

Learn more about the Citrust team, the product, and where we are headed.

We can’t wait to unlock even more features for the Algorand community, especially the interactive portion. For now, take a look, check out your favorite projects, learn about some new ones, and let us know what you think!



Jennifer Keene
Citrust Tea

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