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What Carolina Reapers, the World’s Hottest Pepper, Have in Common With Cryptocurrency

It’s all fun and games until your eyeballs are on fire.

I first heard about Carolina Reapers from Marc Fennell’s Audible Original, It Burns, an engaging story perfect for our road trip through New Mexico. When we stopped at a pistachio farm and found a little shaker of dried flakes from the world’s hottest peppers, it seemed like serendipity.

My husband loves that just a few flakes can significantly increase the heat level of his food without altering the flavor like a hot sauce would with additional ingredients like vinegar, salt, etc.

I remain skeptical.

Once your dish is too hot, there’s not really any way to bring it back to a comfortable level, at least not without majorly diluting what you already created or introducing a bunch of additional ingredients.

Then, one day, he got burned.

We were sitting side by side on the couch when he suddenly gasped. Unbeknownst to him one flake (1!!!) from his spiced up lunch went astray and clung to his T-shirt. When he adjusted the hem later, that tiny bit of capsaicin flipped directly into his eye.

The reaction was both intense and immediate.

His eyes fiercely slammed shut to prevent additional harm, while simultaneously turning on the garden hose to repel the invader. His nose also got in on the action, spewing snot.

I finally had the chance to make use of that HS science class eye wash training, guiding him to the shower, turning on the spray, and shoving his face under it. Moments later, things started to calm down and return to normal.

Here’s what our experience with the Carolina Reaper can teach you about cryptocurrency:

  • At some point, you’re probably going to get burned.
  • Keep your exposure amounts minimal, until you build up a tolerance.
  • Have safety systems in place.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.
  • If something goes wrong, people will say, “I told you so.”
  • The endorphins are like nothing else, so you’re going to do it again.

What’s your pick, Carolina Reapers, crypto, or both?

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Jennifer Keene

Jennifer Keene

I write short fun pieces that people actually have time to read. Topics Include: Algorand, Crypto, Travel, Fiction. I am a childfree, vegan, digital nomad.