Dockless Decoded

4 City Resources to Help Navigate New Micro Mobility Services

We’re currently co-creating dockless data management tools with cities.
Reach out if you’d like to partner 💌.

#1. City History Snapshots

We started our deep-dive into dockless with a look-back at how our cities took shape. In this two-part series, we share playful provocations on how city mobility evolved from monarchical mandates to new micro mobilities.

#2. City Research: A Guide to Managing Micro Mobilities

To set the table for our research phase, we created a public, editable compendium of all bike and scooter operators active in U.S. cities and the availability and characteristics of their data feeds. Next, we spoke with people in 10 U.S. cities whose role it is to manage new dockless mobility programs. (Here’s a full report of our findings and high-level synthesis here.)

#3. Editorial: The reality of wrangling dockless bikes

Next, we shared our POV on the friction between cities and tech vendors. In this essay, we elevate the voices and perspectives of the people inside city hall charged with running new shared vehicle mobility programs and propose ways that technology vendors can become better city partners.

#4. City Tool: Stae Core Product Features

Finally, we integrated city needs and research insights into the Stae platform. Here are a few of functions Stae offers to support cities to manage dockless programs, including: enforcing parking and distribution, evaluating equity and ridership, and informing design and infrastructure.

Say hello if you’d like to learn how Stae can help your municipality with new data management solutions 👋🏽.

City as a Service

A community for civic-data wranglers, developers, and innovators: @staehere

Adriana Valdez Young

Written by

Design researcher, urbanist, educator | Teaching @TheNewSchool | Past @staehere @littleBits | Alum @LSEcities

City as a Service

A community for civic-data wranglers, developers, and innovators: @staehere

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