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City as a Service

NYC Open Data Week marks the anniversary of the City’s first Open Data Law, signed March 2012, requiring that all public data be made freely available on a single web portal. Open Data Week is a collaboration of NYC Open Data, BetaNYC and many other civic tech and data communities making our city more open.

The Open City

For the kick-off event for NYC Open Data Week, we talked consent and regulation on data collection in our public spaces at the NYC School of Data with (left to right): Shin-pei Tsay, Executive Director of Gehl Institute; Jennifer Ding, Solutions Engineer at Numina; Stephen Larrick, Head of City Relations at Stae; and Georgia Bullen, Executive Director of Simply Secure. (Photo: Gehl Institute, 2019)

#1. NYC School of Data

The installation of “Temporal Views of a Bike Lane” — a multi-media collaboration between Melissa de la Cruz and Crystal Penalosa at New Lab, Brooklyn.

#2. Data x Design Exhibition

Participants at the LYLAS Environmental Justice Hackathon at the Flatiron School (Photo: LYLAS 2019).

#3. LYLAS Environmental Justice Hackathon





A community for civic-data wranglers, developers, and innovators: @staehere

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Adriana Valdez Young

Adriana Valdez Young

Mother, mixed methods researcher, urbanist, and faculty at SVA’s MFA in Interaction Design in NYC.

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