Find out how City Road Comms took a 15-year-old business with no previous media coverage and got them featured in 70 publications within just six months…

Case Study: Experience Invest

Dominic Pollard
Jul 3 · 3 min read

For many businesses, PR is an alien concept. Their expertise lies very much in their understanding of their own industry and, as one would expect, the ins and outs of the product or service they sell.

The same could even be said about marketing teams. Such is the array of different marketing tactics an organisation could deploy, PR may be a gap in their knowledge — they may instead focus on SEO, paid search, paid social or direct email marketing.

No fingers of blame can be pointed for this; PR, and specifically media relations, can be daunting for those not well versed in the art.

What story do we have to tell? How would we even start to tell it? Who would we actually tell it to? Why would journalists and their readers want to listen to us?

These are common questions. But there are answers to each of them if you know where to look, and our client Experience Invest offers a perfect example of why businesses ought to look!

Experience Invest launched 15 years ago. It’s one of the UK’s most active and best established providers of off-plan property investments — it enables investors to purchase discounted residential or commercial real estate during construction, and in doing so can also deliver development funding to the firms raising the buildings.

However, despite its longevity, awareness of Experience Invest’s services and exemplary track record was missing. Hence, at the start of 2019, they called on City Road Comms to help.

And help we did; in the first six months of working together (the first half of 2019) we secured a huge amount of media coverage for Experience Invest. We got them 70 mentions in the press, in fact. Just take a look.

We tapped into the masses of knowledge within Experience Invest’s leadership team and got them shouting about it in national, local and trade press. We had their directors discussing pertinent trends in the property space, ensuring they were positioned front and centre as industry experts who could help educate investors about the way markets were moving.

Moreover, we commissioned unique quantitative research — this involved surveying investors in the UK about the way they were managing their portfolios, and their sentiments towards different asset classes and in particular the strength of the property market.

Using our unique research and their own expertise, the PR activity we executed for Experience Invest caught the attention of journalists. Indeed, the Financial Times, Yahoo Finance and The Times are among the hugely reputable titles to have featured Experience Invest in 2019.

Importantly, City Road Comms filled a knowledge gap that existed within the Experience Invest team. They knew all there was to know about property investment, and also had a very active digital marketing strategy, but they were nowhere to be seen in the media. We changed that, ensuring investors saw the name and respected the brand.

Here’s what Experience Invest’s marketing manager, Gemma Stephenson, thinks about the work we do: “City Road Comms’s expert knowledge of PR in the property industry makes them stand out from the crowd. The team are an excellent resource for our in-house marketing team and have secured coverage in industry-leading publications. The process seamlessly fitted in with our content marketing efforts and we are very pleased with the results so far.”

Get in touch with our director, Dominic Pollard, if you want to learn more about how City Road Comm’s services could work for your organisation:

City Road Communications

City Road Comms is a PR agency that specialises in using research, data and expertly crafted content to secure amazing media coverage for our clients.

Dominic Pollard

Written by

Director of City Road Communications

City Road Communications

City Road Comms is a PR agency that specialises in using research, data and expertly crafted content to secure amazing media coverage for our clients.

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