In 2018 we handled the media launch of HealthTech startup Mynurva. Here’s how we secured 94 pieces of coverage in just seven months…

Case Study: Mynurva

Dominic Pollard
Jul 2 · 3 min read

HealthTech is one of the most exciting, fast-growing industries in the UK right now. From surgical equipment and DNA analysis to fitness apps and wearable technologies, there’s a seemingly constant stream of innovative new solutions emerging, which each promise to enhance the way people’s health can be managed or improved.

Much of this innovation is being driven by startups and scaleups. However, the task of securing media coverage for such startups is no easy feat — in a competitive industry like this, where hundreds if not thousands of early stage businesses are vying to get exposure for their product, standing out from the crowd can prove difficult.

In late 2018 we began working with a brand new HealthTech company: Mynurva, an online platform providing counselling and therapy services via live video appointments. We were charged with launching Mynurva to market; for creating lots of positive noise for the business and educating people about what it does.

We took a three-pronged approach. Firstly, we got the founder and CEO of the business — Dr Zain Sikafi, a GP with years of medical experience prior to launching the tech startup — in front of journalists (and TV cameras and radio microphones) talking about the lingering taboo that surround mental health.

Secondly, we commissioned research on behalf of Mynurva examining the mental health problems UK adults face within their jobs and, more importantly, how they felt there was a lack of support for people suffering from stress, anxiety and depression.

Thirdly, we capitalised on regular awareness events — such as World Mental Health Awareness Day — to proactively line up stories weeks in advance. Indeed, the World Mental Health Awareness Day campaign was a huge success; Zain was featured in leading titles like City AM to The Economist discussing why people are suffering in silence — and what we as a society should be doing to tackle the stigma.

The robust strategy merged hugely pertinent social and health trends with unique research, the expertise and experience of the CEO, and major events that were already dominating the news. The result was a huge amount of really positive media coverage, in which Mynurva could both educate people about mental health issues while also promoting itself as a solution for those suffering with them.

Over the course of seven months, leading from the end of 2018 and into the first half of 2019, we secured a massive 94 pieces of media coverage for the business (go on, have a little nosey). Mynurva featured in the likes of: BBC, Guardian, Observer, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Huffington Post, New York Times, Reuters, The Economist, The Sun, CNBC, the Daily Telegraph, to name but a few!

Here’s what Dr Zain Sikafi, CEO and Founder of Mynurva, had to say about his experience of working with City Road Comms: “We entrusted City Road Comms with promoting the launch of Mynurva. Their use of research and data ensured we received vast amounts of relevant media exposure, which in turn meant consumers learnt all about our product, values and expertise. I’d highly recommend other early-stage businesses partner with this agency.”

Get in touch with our director, Dominic Pollard, if you want to learn more about how City Road Comm’s services could work for your organisation:

City Road Communications

City Road Comms is a PR agency that specialises in using research, data and expertly crafted content to secure amazing media coverage for our clients.

Dominic Pollard

Written by

Director of City Road Communications

City Road Communications

City Road Comms is a PR agency that specialises in using research, data and expertly crafted content to secure amazing media coverage for our clients.

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