Studio Graphene had lost faith in the value of PR for their business, but City Road Comms’ data-backed approach changed all that…

Case Study: Studio Graphene

“My faith in PR being effective for a services company such as ours was all but lost until we started working with City Road Comms. They’ve over-delivered from day one. Not only has the volume and quality of coverage been phenomenal, they’ve also succeeded in positioning us as a thought leader in our field.”

These are the words of Ritam Gandhi, the Founder and Director of Studio Graphene, a digital agency that designs, builds and markets amazing new tech products.

Before City Road Comms began working with them in May 2018, Studio Graphene had been engaged with a different PR agency but were receiving little coverage, and that which they did get was ineffective in building their brand in front of potential clients. So, what have we been doing differently to achieve such fantastic results?

Well, at the heart of our PR strategy for Studio Graphene has been regular quantitative and qualitative research. Whether it has been surveying startup founders about the challenges they face in growing their business, or quizzing consumers about the latest technological trends, this research has given our client topical, interesting and unique stories to share with journalists. In turn, this gets them into the big titles — the likes of Forbes, City AM and The Sunday Times.

We have also boosted Ritam’s own profile. As an entrepreneur himself — someone who worked as a consultant for a decade before starting his own business — Ritam is well placed to offer insight and advice to startups. And over the past 12 months of us working together, Ritam has become something of a spokesperson for the London tech scene.

Only recently, Ritam was one of the only — scratch that, the only — expert quoted in a special edition of Startups Magazine, entitled “Startups Survival Guide”. We’d arranged an interview with a journalist who was writing a piece about top tips for startups when developing a new product, and Ritam’s words of wisdom were the centre piece of this article. As a business that works with entrepreneurs and startups, this was ideal coverage for Studio Graphene.

As of the start of July, Studio Graphene had been featured in the national press, on podcasts or within specialist business and trade publications a humongous 89 times in 2019! (Click here to have a look through their coverage from this year)

Having been seen in the media talking about tech trends, business issues and their own research, many potential clients have reached out to Studio Graphene in a bid to benefit from their expertise. It provides a clear example of how PR can deliver significant value back into the business by generating leads and warming up potential clients.

Get in touch with our director, Dominic Pollard, if you want to learn more about how City Road Comm’s services could work for your organisation:




City Road Comms is a PR agency that specialises in using research, data and expertly crafted content to secure amazing media coverage for our clients.

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Dominic Pollard

Dominic Pollard

Director of City Road Communications

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