Introducing the Civic Tech App — City Savior.

During our daily commutes or whenever we step outside, we see various issues such as broken or narrow roads, unattended trash, or humanitarian issues such as homeless people or stray animals. Even though we may imagine possible solutions, in most cities around the world, there is no convenient platform to report these issues, or to connect with other citizens who are troubled by the same issue.

On the other side, this lack of information about the problems leads to poor management as the authorities are not aware of the issues that are affecting the citizens the most, and thus they are not able to solve them quickly. Although, in some developed cities, mobile apps are provided by the municipality for reporting of such issues, but they lack user engagement and simplicity.

Even with the municipalities having efficient officials there is a disconnect between the citizens and the officials which leads to these problems:

  • No info to the authorities on how important an issue is or how many people it is affecting.
  • No convenient and simple platform for the citizens to report an issue, the resolution of which will be carried out with high accountability and transparency. This lets to discouragement that even if he reports that particular pressing problem it would not lead to prompt action.
  • No way for the citizens to talk to other people who are affected by the same issue so as to raise a joint voice. This leads to the discouraging notion on part of the citizens that their single concern would not be taken seriously by the authorities and would not help expedite the solution of the issue.

The idea of City Savior is to create a gamified social platform which will engage the users such that they will use the app and report problems even if they are not facing a problem personally.

The app will achieve this by making the process more social where users will be notified of activity of other users/friends. Also the app will incentivize the user for their efforts by awarding them redeemable points and will rank them in the leaderboard of the app.

Using City Savior app, appropriate authorities such as the municipalities can solve issues by prioritizing them by their severity and scale.

When you open the app you can explore the problems posted in your neighborhood or any other area of your interest. When you open a post you see the pictures and description of the problem which you can upvote, comment or share. You can post a problem you have faced along with pictures, and description which will be reported to the appropriate authority. Other users within the vicinity will be notified and they can view, upvote and comment on your post. For all activities you do within the app you are awarded with karma points which ranks you in the leaderboard.

The issues or improvements of a particular neighborhood can be best suggested or reported by the inhabitants of that area and so including them in the development process will give the citizens ownership of the issues they report and they can be a change agent themselves.

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If you’d like to talk to the founders (Purnendu and Riddhi), message us@ Facebook or send an email.

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