I do not need a weather report!

One successful corporate executive recently stated to me; “I do not need my people to give me a weather report; I need them to tell me how we can make umbrellas.” Inside the corporate culture for many years people that reach a high-level position in many organizations, carry with them the privilege and the entitlement that comes with it. Part of the trend we see in the market is that many companies have realized that they are true, “Top Heavy.” We see more and more high-level positions being eliminated daily.

My notion is that it relates to the above statement. With today’s advanced technological capabilities, companies are in less of a need of layers of people to transfer and carry information internally from one level to another and attend endless numbers of weekly meetings.

In today’s world we assert the following:

An executive’s personal knowledge has value only if you can translate it to one’s ability to produce a daily result.

Your organization’s senior leadership is not that interested in your opinions (everyone has one), rather in your actions.

The statement, “Houston we have a problem” do not belong in today’s management world. “Houston we HAD a problem” is what is now desired.

Tell your management what CAN we do and not what we CAN’T do.

When you give a report make sure that it is stated on how you solved the problem and not what is the “problem.”

The bottom line is that many seasoned executives are being replaced with young people that are creative, inventive and resourceful. I have learned that for many industries, career management today is being measured on a quarterly basis. What a life!

One of my partner’s daughter who is 21-years-old, decided to take a semester at Melbourne University, Australia that is. In a matter of a few days, she completes the application, had a place to stay, a job offer and a car to drive, and she did it all on her Blackberry without leaving the house.

Watch out she is coming to Corporate America, and she is after your job

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