Artificial Intelligence in the spotlight at Beirut City AI launching event

Putting in place a gathering around one of the most influential topics of the 21st century gives a good amount of adrenaline rush. Beirut was no exception, especially since it is the first city to host City AI events in the Middle East!

Technology enthusiasts, professionals, students, interns and corporate employees around the country gathered to share thoughts, discuss and most importantly, get a sense of how others are using AI to solve challenges in the real world.

We are proceeding adaptively and plan to figure out what does our community need, where do we need more support, how to work out through the challenges, all together. Ping us if you want to offer a helping hand, we mostly look for help with social media and community management, but all help is appreciated. If you want to be a speaker or interested in sharing your experience, challenges and results, in the field of Applied AI, get in touch. It all begins with you! Let’s create a shared purpose and local impact. Together we grow!

Leveraging the potential of AI in 40+ with City.AI

City AI is a community of 40+ cities that share discoveries in applied AI and connect you to international peers. City AI powers chapters throughout the globe. The local communities bring unique contributions, perspectives and are bound by the purpose of collaborative knowledge in the field of applied AI. By increasing transparency and collaboration, we aim to enable more people to better apply artificial intelligence.

Beirut AI launch event 🚀

During the launch event in January at Touch Lab, Beirut

On a sunny day in January, 40+ individuals coming from diverse backgrounds but similar interest gathered to collaborate and share their way of doing things in AI.

You could feel the excitement and positive vibes as small talks started to build-up before the event kickoff, a wonderful journey and promising energy awaiting us!

I believe we have initiated a very important community for Beirut, and based on the attendees’ feedback, we have a huge motivation for future events!

Insights on how to work as a Data Scientist

Dr . Elie Kawerk — Data Scientist / Machine Learning Practitioner

Dr. Kawerk shared few hacks on how to start your journey in Data Science, what type of courses and projects to focus on, and the never-ending battle of Python versus R!

This talk is for every person that has a growth mindset. If you’re a developer, a philosopher or a cook, as a future data scientist, you can always bring value through your own unique perspective.

An artist’s perspective on AI

M. Alexy Frangieh — Digital Artist / Nikon Ambassador — Lebanon

Alexy is an official Nikon ambassador. He gives international talks about sequential photography (time lapse, immersive). His side interests are Cybernetics and linguistic anthropology.

He shared his view of AI as a tool to augment human intelligence and help us reach new heights. His research in AI is done in collaboration with Datathings, based in Luxemburg.

Alexy presented his involvement with AI in practice, which involves pattern deduction and classification, and semantics extraction out of large sequences of photos. ‘I deal with 200K+ image volumes and AI helps me extract images of a given similarity.’

Want to know more ? 🎥

Check out the event and watch the presentations on YouTube!

Shared challenges

Transforming how we learn

People learn differently, at different speeds and with different starting points. Artificial intelligence could usher in a future where we all learn in a much more personalised way. But no education system in the world can afford a tutor for every child, so this is where AI steps in.

Augmental, a Lebanese startup provides an educational technology application initially targeting middle to high school students where course material is adapted to each students’ learning abilities using artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

How would you solve this? Let us know!


More than 50% of enterprises will spend more on chatbots and bot creation as compared to the traditional mobile app development by 2021.

Should we create our own algorithm or use existing frameworks?

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What’s next?

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After the astounding success of our launching event, we at Beirut AI are extremely excited to announce that we will be hosting our next gathering on the 10th of March..Stay tuned ! 😄