The VOTES are in!

The people have spoken. Citymapper’s Next City…

When Citymapper launches in a city, we commit to building the best urban transport app that exists there. Well, perhaps not with version 1, but eventually.

Vote for the next city

In order to apply ourselves to cities where we can have the most impact (and because we are too lazy to do market research), we asked users to vote and make their case at

Our previous winner was Barcelona, which we launched in June, along with Madrid. Other existing live cities include London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Boston and DC.

The competition has gotten fiercer with impassioned pleas made from lost humans in cities on every continent, in all the corners of the globe.

Oh who will win the vote this time? The suspense…


Ladies and gentlemen, the top 5 requested cities as voted by humans of the world are:

1. San Francisco
2. Rome
3. Chicago
4. Amsterdam
5. Manchester

San Francisco for the Win

The Winner

San Francisco voters offered us the following reasons:

Because it’s the most awesome city ever but has a complicated public transport system
Multiple transport options in a difficult to navigate city
There are tons of tech hipsters to impress
Are you kidding?


Of course we were a bit proactively suspicious and decided to also ask voters if they were locals or tourists.

Here are the top 5 requested cities as voted by locals:

1. San Francisco
2. Chicago
3. Manchester
4. LA
5. Toronto

San Francisco continues to hold the lead. But we find Rome and Amsterdam have fallen out, evidently influenced by the summer tourist season.

And we have learned a few things:

Chicago takes the second spot

Overshadowed once again but still a winner in our hearts

Chicago voters indicated the following thought out reasons:

Because Chicago is home to a beautiful lake front, museums, neighborhoods, sports, restaurants, and shopping that are easily accessible by public transportation
Many public transportation options I need to find the best way.
Oh baby don’t you want to go Oh baby don’t you want to go Back to the land of california to my sweet home chicago

Next City

Of course launching a city depends on a multitude of various factors including population size, smartphones, availability of data, citymapper team holiday plans, food quality etc.

But we do listen. Did your city not make it? Are we too biased by large western cities and their overly aggressive voters?

Do not fret! You can make a difference. Send us gifts! Er.. or vote for your city, tell us why, and save the lives of your fellow citydwellers at

We are on it.

Such planet, many cities
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