About Citymart

Every procurement is an opportunity. Citymart was founded by Sascha Haselmayer in 2010 to raise the world's expectations on city procurement. Our mission was to help city leaders treat very procurement as an opportunity: to innovate, to save money, win contracts and improve life for city workers and residents. Our mission was to help cities and businesses unlock these opportunities through high-quality information and advice, wherever they are in the procurement process. In 2021, we decided that we had accomplished much of our mission, closed the organization, and open-sourced our methods. By that point, we had trained 3,000 public officials, and 135 governments on all continents had adopted our methods. Dozens of governments and organizations around the world had begun to replicate what we had brought into the world: problem-based procurement, procurement challenges, and rigorous market engagement. All this was made possible by incredible partners who helped us inspire the world, such as Bloomberg Philanthropies, Social Capital, nesta, Knight Foundation, Urban.US, Nordic Impact, Luminate, EDVenture, 100 Resilient Cities, The Rockefeller Foundation, Ashoka, and Falkora.

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