Top Places You Must Go For A Night Out In London

Forget your usual night at the pub with your mates or your average pints after work with your colleagues. London has so much more to offer that you will definitely be missing out if you don’t attend all the latest events and new bars that open every week.

Don’t worry though, we here at citysocializer are experts in going out in London and we’ve put together a list of our must do nights out in London.

1. A fancy cocktail bar

Cocktails are all the rage at the moment and more and more bars specialise in extensive menus of delicious creations that will make you tipsy and relieve you of your hard earned salary at a rate of about £13 per drink. Still, we love them enough to treat ourselves every now and again. Some great places to visit for high end options are Cahoots, the London Cocktail Club and Bar Americain.

2. An Iconic London Building

When in London… go to the sites and drink at them. Even if just for bragging rights, you have to be able to say you went for drinks at the Shard or the Skygarden. Besides, with such amazing panoramic views of London imagine all the great photos you can take and make all your friends jealous. Yes, they might be a bit on the expensive side, but you get to be able to go whenever you want just because you live in our great city.

3. A Trendy Popup

Popups are a great way to try new things in the city that are a bit too much of a novelty to catch on as a permanent bar but will attract the crowds for a few weeks both because of the time limitations and their usual quirky theme. From the Creme Egg cafe and restaurants only selling chips to cowboy bars or the house of Peroni, the types vary a lot but you can totally rely on the hype that they will generate and get some cool selfies or food pics in the process.

4. Museum Lates

Seeing the popularity of the monthly Science Museum Lates, more and more museums are looking to acquire drinks licences and open up their doors to visitor after hours. Which special exhibits and demonstrations visitors get to have fun drinking and exploring the museums without any pesky kids around or anyone telling them to be quiet. Museums doing lates include the National History Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, the Wellcome Collection and even Kew Gardens.

5. A Secret Speakeasy

Despite having the same amount of fame and promotion as normal bars these ‘secret’ speakeasies attract the crowds based on the cool factor of going somewhere exclusive. Take the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town hidden behind a fridge door inside the Breakfast Club or the Experimental Cocktail Club in China Town, where there are no signs and you have to know that there is a bar behind that plain wooden door, speakeasies are a fun way to think of what prohibition must have been like.

Now that you know all the best ways to enjoy London and be cool, it’s time to go through all the other fun citysocializer socials and pick something fun for your next night out, you’ll find things from the above list in it too. Nothing’s better than meeting new friends in London and going to all the best places to explore the city and have fun.

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