addirktive/CityStates Dashboard: Swap and Withdraw remaining Funds

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Jun 1, 2023


addirktive Games Development Services, PH (initial issuer of CSM, HEX etc) has been dissolved. Balances on the dashboard have been made available for swap to one of the currencies supported for withdrawal (XLM, USDC, BNB, WAX). Please swap and withdraw before the end of June 2023.

For assets held on the SDEX, please set sell orders for HEX at $0,00225. For the old yield assets, please set sell orders at 1:1 to the corresponding asset (e.G. yAQUA/AQUA, aBTC/BTC etc).

The CSM token is defunct and is neither swappable nor transferrable.

The addirktive dashboard and CityStates website may go offline by June 30th. A database backup will be made in the (currently unlikely) case that development can continue in the future.

For further information or questions please join the CityStates Discord server: