CityStates/addirktive First Steps for a Potential Reboot




Upon the dissolution of “Addirktive Games Development Services, Philippines,” it has come to our attention that the CSM token has become defunct and rendered untradeable on the Stellar platform. As a result, the CSM token holds no remaining monetary value and lacks any legal standing or representation whatsoever.

The entity responsible for the initial issuance of the CSM token has been formally dissolved due to its inability to sustain business operations and fulfill associated obligations. In a voluntary and non-obligatory manner, Dirk Pollmann Consulting, Germany, has assumed and fulfilled the liabilities associated with the tokens issued by “Addirktive Games Development Services, Philippines,” namely HEX, aBTC, aETH, USDA, and yAQUA. In consideration of this transfer, assets including the domain, the ‘Dashboard’ code base, the domain, the CityStates: Medieval and CityStates: Domination game code, NFTs, and all other assets pertaining to these projects have been transferred to Dirk Pollmann Consulting, Germany.

It is important to note that “Dirk Pollmann Consulting” has also undergone dissolution as of March 2023. Therefore, all rights, assets, and obligations that were previously held by “Dirk Pollmann Consulting” have now been transferred in their entirety to Dirk Pollmann, a private individual. Dirk Pollmann now assumes full ownership and control over these rights and assets.

As previously communicated, the stipulated cutoff date for the swap or exchange of assets bearing their previous names was scheduled for the end of June 2023. An extension was subsequently granted, extending the deadline until July 15th, 2023. However, we regret to inform you that the aforementioned extended deadline has now lapsed.

To unequivocally clarify the matter at hand, it is imperative to recognize that in the event a new entity is established for the purpose of continuing development, the CSM token shall not possess any legal standing or be subject to liability. Under no circumstances shall the CSM token be revived, employed for future endeavors, generate royalties, undergo repurchase, or be subjected to burning. This definitive course of action is primarily due to the legal uncertainties that the token would encounter under the purview of German regulations and jurisdiction. Consequently, with the dissolution of its issuing entity, “Addirktive Games Development Services, Philippines,” the CSM token has ceased to be operational.

Proposal for Resumption of CityStates Development:

As the proprietor of the CityStates intellectual property, code bases, and an 88% majority share of the now-defunct CSM token, I hereby propose the resumption of CityStates development and the Addirktive Dashboard under a newly formed entity that complies with the legal framework established under German law.

The opportunity to participate in the establishment of the new entity shall be exclusively extended to current token holders who have demonstrated unwavering support for the project. Each prospective founder shall be required to fulfill the necessary legal formalities to register as a shareholder. In order to facilitate this process, dedicated Know Your Customer (KYC)/Anti-Money Laundering (AML) information has to be submitted to

The precise details pertaining to the documentation and information necessary to fulfill the KYC and AML requirements shall be disclosed once a sufficient number of interested users have expressed their willingness to participate and their intention to pledge sufficient capital towards the establishment of the new company.

Each founder shall have the option to pledge a minimum amount of $1,000 (~950 €). Consequently, the founders collectively shall receive an equitable allocation of 10% of the shares in the new entity. Moreover, based on the quantity of CSM tokens deposited into the Dashboard, each founder shall be entitled to a proportional bonus in the form of an additional 5% of shares.

In recognition of the substantial contributions made by Michael Hollingsworth, widely known as FruitGuru, it has been decided to allocate 10% of the company shares to him as an expression of gratitude.

In contrast to the prior allocation, which comprised a lower percentage specifically attributed to the CityStates intellectual property, a significantly higher proportion of the overall entity shall be distributed among the founders.

In the event that the minimum requirements necessary to initiate the development process, as outlined below, are not met, the establishment process shall be deemed unsuccessful. In such an event, all pledged amounts shall be subject to refund.

Please be aware that I am not a legal professional. Consequently, the first crucial step shall entail seeking legal counsel to provide guidance on the establishment of the entity and the associated legal framework. Should it become apparent at any stage that the endeavor is infeasible or legally questionable under German law, the entire process shall be terminated, and any remaining funds shall be returned to the founding members.

Alternatively, the existing state of dormancy can be perpetuated. Any objections to this proposed plan may be directly communicated within the former CityStates Discord server. In the event of an excessive number of objections raised against the outlined process, I reserve the right to potentially resume development independently or in collaboration with select partners at a future juncture.

The Proposed Process:

Following the acquisition of favorable legal advice concerning the proposed plan, a subsequent round of establishment shall be conducted. During this phase, both previously registered founders and new interested investors (subject to KYC/AML procedures) shall have the opportunity to pledge funds toward acquiring shares in the newly formed entity. The requisite amount shall be contingent upon the outcome of the initial funding round and the estimated budgetary requirements for the impending tasks.

To facilitate the trading of shares, a token shall be issued to represent ownership in the new entity. However, such trading shall be strictly limited to verified shareholders. To this end, each shareholder shall be afforded the opportunity to verify a Stellar account on the Dashboard, thereby enabling them to hold and trade the token on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (DEX). Regular updates and reports regarding the token holdings of each shareholder shall be provided to German authorities, as mandated by legal obligations.

In order to fulfill the initial registration of the entity as a ‘Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung’ (GmbH), a temporary deposit of €13,000 and an estimated upfront cost of €2,000 for legal advice and notarial setup shall be required. Consequently, a minimum of 15 dedicated supporters, each pledging €1,000, shall be necessary to proceed.

The temporary deposit of €13,000 shall be allocated for immediate operational requirements following the establishment and shall form an integral part of the ongoing operating budget.

Minimum Development Budget Requirements for the First Three Months:

The defunct stable in-game currency, the ‘HEX token,’ shall be replaced by a new speculative in-game currency whose valuation shall be determined by market demand and supply dynamics.

An approximate sum of €10,000 shall be allocated for web, game, and blockchain development pertaining to CityStates: Domination, leading up to its release. The necessary features and associated budgetary considerations will be thoroughly discussed with the developers, who shall be contractually obligated to complete the development within the allocated budget.

A sum of €x,000 (TBD) shall be allocated for Michael Hollingsworth (FruitGuru).

A sum of €x,000 (TBD) shall be allocated for Dirk Pollmann.

An estimated €17,000 shall be allocated for marketing efforts and exchange listings.

Objectives of the New Entity:

  1. Development of CityStates: Domination for the WAX blockchain within a three-month timeframe.
  2. Issuance and support of a speculative in-game currency on multiple blockchains.
  3. Development of NFT support for Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVMs) in CS:DO (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, etc.).
  4. Ongoing enhancement of the Dashboard, transforming it into a hub for web3 and other games, complete with its own launcher.
  5. Development of a private fork/sidechain of the Stellar Network, aimed at reducing player account setup costs, transaction fees, and addressing congestion and Horizon API issues (e.g., in-game latency). Additionally, direct bridges to and from Stellar, as well as bridges facilitating connectivity with other supported blockchains in the game(s), shall be established.

For discussion, please join the Addirktive Discord server: [Discord Link]

For direct contact, please write to or send a DM to user citystates on Discord.

What to do with the defunct CSM token on Stellar:

The unlock process for the currently locked CSM tokens on Stellar will be announced in the near future. This announcement will include comprehensive instructions on how token holders can transfer their tokens back to the issuing account, participate in the new founding round via the addirktive Dashboard, or proceed with the swap-out process. Kindly await the forthcoming announcement concerning the unlock procedure.

It is important to note that attempting to buy or sell defunct CSM tokens with the intention of leveraging them in the new round is strictly prohibited. Any accounts found engaging in such activities after the unlock will be subject to indefinite locking.

If unsure: don’t. If still unsure, contact me first.