CityStates Giveaway Winners — Here is how to proceed!

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2 min readOct 22, 2021


List of winners will be updated at the end of this article after each giveaway ended!

If you won in any of the CityStates Giveaway Events, make sure to have a WAX wallet connected to your CityStates account. We currently support Cloud Wallet and Anchor.

To create a wax wallet, head over to There is no WAX (crypto currency) needed to set up the wallet and link it in your CityStates account!

Once you have the WAX wallet set up, head over to your Settings section on and from there to ‘WAX integration’.
If you are already logged in simply click here.

Follow the process and sign the nonce. The wallet has been successfully linked when the screen shows like this:

From now on you can also log in to your CityStates account with the WAX wallet instead of username/password.

Wen NFT, Wen VIP Pass?

Patience little Padawan, all NFTs will be issued when giveaways have ended.

Winners of the r/NFT exclusive Giveaways:


2x VIP Silver — /u/Danjolno and /u/jacospades
1x Common Male Heroes Pack — /u/kaos424
1x Uncommon Male Heroes Pack — /u/speedyrecoveryPT
1x Rare Male Heroes Pack — /u/violetninja

5x10,000 CSM go to:
/u/cha0sweaver, /u/Im_A_Ginger, /u/JediMasterBob69, /u/Thelongwalk06 and /u/truthlmao

Winners of the first givelab:

List of the 200 Bronze VIP Winners:

Winners of the second givelab:

List of the 200 Bronze VIP Winners:

All NFTs will be issued before the pre-sale starts. Please refrain from asking when this will be exactly. It will be announced!

List of the 10 VIP Pass winners from the Discord Fan Art competition: