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How and where to buy HEX

HEX is the in-game currency of CityStates: Medieval and issued as a token on the Stellar Network. There are several SDEX interfaces where you can buy the token. If you are not familiar with the SDEX yet, you are also able to buy HEX directly via our dashboard.

Please note that we currently only maintain the HEX/USDC pair. Other pairings like XLM may be priced higher due to third party offerings.

SDEX interfaces direct links:





If you prefer to swap instead of using a full-blown exchange interface, you can search for the HEX token and if not yet supported by the wallet of your choice you can add it as a custom asset.

Direct link to NiceTrade SWAP:

If you need to add a custom token (for example in the Lobstr wallet), the asset code is HEX and the issuer is GAFWA2DAM34MK3UVD34ECEHO5QIO2ILHLFOPJC33INPGUPLBC2EVNCSM

Pre-Registration open!

Visit to register. Receive 250 HEX for free +50 HEX for active referrals and 8% affiliate reward on sales.

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CityStates is a game in development that is going to issue in-game items as assets on the Stellar Network. Players will be able to trade resources, goods and in-game currency directly with each other on the integrated SDEX interface.

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